Entrepreneurship in Large Organisations

 Big organisations can’t rely on being just big anymore. They need to behave much more like entrepreneurs: more agile, more curious, more iterative, less set in their ways, less complacent. Yet the two… Continue reading

How to be your Own Customer

I was brought up with the advert featuring Victor Kiam, head of Remington Products, in which he said, “I loved the shavers so much I bought the company.” Some things haven’t changed since… Continue reading

What’s Love Got to do with Leadership?

When you love something, you notice the details. In a relationship, that might be a partner’s laugh or particular way of moving. For Howard Schultz, who grew Starbucks from a local Seattle coffee… Continue reading

How to Press Delete on Our Fears

I don’t consider myself someone held back by fear. As a former lawyer who threw it all in to start a coffee chain with my brother, I know my career path personifies life… Continue reading

Act Like a Big Kid: The Importance of Being Clueless

My brother and I started a business we were completely clueless about. It was a coffee business—the UK’s first coffee bar chain, an answer to Starbucks before it hit our shores. Our idea… Continue reading

Entrepreneurship: Can Anyone Do It?

Writing a book about our journey of starting Coffee Republic taught me one thing: yes, anyone can be an entrepreneur. Really. These days, entrepreneurs are everywhere, in the press and on TV shows… Continue reading

Best Advice: The Only Question You Need to Ask Yourself Every Day

The best advice I was ever given wasn’t from any of the CEOs or successful entrepreneurs I’ve met. Nor was it from any business book. It was from my dad. I was doing… Continue reading

Margaret Thatcher Taught me Self-Reliance

Often, we only realise the value of things when they’re gone, which is exactly what happened to me when I heard of Baroness Thatcher’s death. The news made me suddenly aware of the huge… Continue reading